16 March 2029 Ride

Reasonably good weather predicted for our Saturday ride from Darnum.lets take advantage of the good weather as it won’t be long before it will be colder and even forbid wet and windy. Ride departs at 8am.

Saturday will be mostly sunny with patchy fog about the ranges in the early morning. Slight (20%) chance of a shower in the southeast in the morning and early afternoon. Winds easterly 15 to 25 km/h. Overnight temperatures falling to between 8 and 12 with daytime temperatures reaching 23 to 28.

9 March 2019 Ride

Cooling early autumn weather but still resonably mild for a good ride tomorrow. Depart from Darnum at 8am as usual. Coffee after for an end of ride catch up.

Saturday will be partly cloudy with light winds becoming easterly 15 to 20 km/h in the middle of the day then becoming light in the late evening. Overnight temperatures falling to between 11 and 14 with daytime temperatures reaching 23 to 28.

On road behaviour

Please note note not to cross over continuous white road markings especially when returning from our Sunday ride for coffee at Frankies. For one it is illegal and secondly it is not a good PR look in front of the public in this busy location.

Please go up to and around the  Victoria Plamerston Street roundabout to park your bike on the footpath. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

2 March 2019 Ride

Firstly apologies for not posting ride notices for the last two weeks. I was away in Bargara Queensland to see turtles hatching at the nearby Mon Repos turtle sanctuary. Apart from this I attended the UCI Banderburg Track Carnival. Several overseas teams and riders mixed it with local and National track riders.  Hot and very windy there because of the nearby Cyclone Oma.

Well tomorrow is our first ride for autumn. The weather is still in its summer state with warm weather predicted. Darnum it is departing at 8am.

Please have your batteries charged and light on for the ride.