Our Ride

The Darnum Saturday Ride is an informal group ride consisting of like minded riders of varying ages and abilities with the collective aim of riding for fitness in a safe, courteous,social and friendly manner. Being a recreational cycling activity some level of fitness and riding technique is recommended to ride with the group. Some of our riders are current and past competitive riders. Depending on the circuit, weather and riders, average speeds vary between 24 to 28kph for distances 45 to 100km. Occasionally longer or more challenging rides are organised.

There are several predetermined stops along each course to ensure slower riders are not left behind. Faster and or more experienced riders are encouraged to ride with or pass on useful riding technique information to slower or newer riders. All riders are expected to ride safely and courteously, obeying road rules at all times.

Unless otherwise advised, the usual 45km ride starts at 8am each Saturday from the General Store in Darnum (except fro the last Saturday of the month). The longer 80km course starts at 7:30pm, also from the Darnum General Store. Rides in winter generally start at 8am also from Darnum.

The 40km ride on the last Saturday of the month also starts at 8am from the Brandy Creek Winery, Drouin West.

Winter ride times change to 8:30am with a ride circuit distance of around 40 to 60km.

As a courtesy to the General Store and Brandy Creek Winery riders are requested, especially on wet days, to bring along a towel to sit on or better still change into dry clothing.

Buddy System – check Buddy System page for details.

Lights – be seen, be safe. Change your batteries! Compact LEDs can often appear bright when turned on but fade quickly if the batteries are low in power – you may begin a ride with a good rear flashing light but with depleting batteries end up with a dull, unnoticeable or worst still a non operating rear light. For your and our safety, could all riders ride with their rear flashing light on during the winter months – especially in dull or foggy situations.

Ride safely and smoothly in your respective group, avoiding and pointing out road debris and hazards. Ride single file along double white lines, along narrow road sections or whenever there is thicker traffic. Riders at the front of the group should increase their speed to create gaps for outside riders to fall in a single line. For your and others safety do not overlap wheels. Also for your safety and vehicular traffic PR please keep completely off the sealed pavement whenever we stop along the way. Your cooperation will be appreciated.