Upright and Insight Code of Conduct

The Upright & Insight safety initiative Code of Conduct is one that all riders should observe for our and other riders safety. For your information here is a copy of the Code of Conduct:

Bunch Ride Code of Conduct
1. Ride safely and consider the safety of all other road users no matter how they behave.

2. Obey the road laws at all times
 Do not cross unbroken lines.
 Obey traffic lights, Stop and Give-way signs.
 Never ride more than two abreast unless over-taking.
 Keep as far to the left as is practical.

3. Ride safely and predictably with your fellow cyclists
 Hold your line and pace and be respectful of other riders in the bunch.
 Do not overlap wheels.
 Provide early warning of hazards and potholes, giving them a wide berth and using clear hand-signals.
 Call clearly if missing a turn.
 Provide assistance to those in need.
 Verbally warn the group of approaching vehicles from the front or rear.
 Tri-bar cyclists should only use the “down” position when on the front.
 Follow the meeting or waiting points of the ride
format as much as is practical.

4. Be the properly equipped cyclist!
 Rear light at all times.
 Front light in low light conditions.
 Make sure your bike is well maintained.
 Always carry a spare tube plus inflation.
 It is highly recommend that you have club membership with cycling insurance.
 It is highly recommend that you have Victorian Ambulance membership.

5. Recognise that designated ‘Badger’ Ride Captains are there to assist the ride
 If you need assistance or have any queries, these people will help you. If you are not adhering to this code, they will ask you to.