There has been a suggestion that our ride group should have a uniform riding gear. We  now need to know if there are sufficient riders who want such a  uniform If so, what should the design be, costs and who will champion this through.

Before we launch head long into our uniform project, comments and suggestions from the group are invited (post your comment(s)). More comments invited.

Several team names have been suggested such as:

  • Darnum Dynamos
  • Chain Gang
  • The Derailed
  • Team DSR
  • Unleash the Fury
  • D’ Cafe Racer

It’s pleasing to see interest and support to have our own uniform. One matter we have to consider whether we should support our local bike stores by riding in their gear. That said  some of us have put their hands up to help with the process and administration. In particular Phil D and Cazz. Here are their comments and my responses:

Phil D – I love the idea of a team jersey. I am happy to take care of the logistics if someone creative can do the design and come up with a team name. My talents don’t extend to this.

Ian de B – Thanks Phil, much appreciated. We now have to sort out our team name and the all important design. We’ll have to scour the group for a rider with a good design aptitude.

Cazz – I am a  graphic designer

Ian de B – Cazz, it’s great to have a pool of various talent amongst our group. The uniform impetus is gaining legs very quickly with several riders indicating their willingness to help out with this exercise.

I gather you will be prepared to draft up various designs for us to consider once we decide on a theme and a team name. I’ve received many suggestions for our team and the one I have in mind is fairly inane – Team DSR (abbreviation for Darnum Saturday Ride). One of our many considerations is to ask if we should support our local bike shops by wearing their uniforms instead. The other is the cost of having a customized uniform for a relatively small number of riders. Will chat to you at one of our rides.

Cazz – I agree with your sentiment regarding competing with local shop merch – personally I’m saving up for both a Velo Fille jersey because I want to support Kaylene’s initiative, and also a RH2BE kit because I want to support Karen’s cause. Plus the fact you always end up paying for a jersey in the organised rides – Otway, ATB, Kinglake etc… I’m going to end up with more jerseys than there are days to wear them. And they aren’t cheap!
Perhaps a wind stopper vest would have more appeal – you could get a super-thick thermal one because it’s so $%*#& cold on the Darnum rides haha.
Champion Systems will do a custom jersey/vest order with a minimum of 10 of any main item. Nemesis Apparel are apparently also a very good option though I don’t know specific details.

Ian de B – Thanks Cazz for your response and thoughts. Your idea of a wind stopper is a sound one especially with the $%*#& cold weather at the moment. I’ll put it to the group and start pushing for a consensus of which options we should be taking. Speak to you on the ride soon.

Just a thought!

Rather than designing our ride uniform from ground up I spotted this plain but colorful outfit on eBay and thought that we could use this as a base and print out team name and other designs on it. Here is the link to this page eBay ride jersey and bib . Also this site Body Torque Comments please.