12 June 2021 Ride

What can I say! It has been very wet cold and windy all week and it looks like it will it will continue over the weekend. Hopefully it will not rain in the morning so let’s have a go for a ride. Rug up appropriately. *am depart from Darnum.

It is predicted to be cloudy with very high (90%) chance of showers, most likely during the day. Winds west to northwesterly 20 to 30 km/h. Overnight temperatures falling to between 4 and 9 with daytime temperatures reaching between 9 and 15.

Latest weather forecast indicate it will be wet tomorrow. So the ride may not occur but with ever positive or delusional  Ian will be there with his bike for a ride should it not be raining in the morning. Otherwise it will be coffee instead. Join Ian if it is raining?