9 January 2021 Ride

Happy New Year! Trust you have ushered 2021 with family and fiords. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year than last but in saying this it has a slightly stumbling start.

On a positive note – tomorrow’s weather promises to be perfect for a ride.

A note of advice when overtaking groups or being overtaken by others. The protocol is as follows:

a) When passing a slower rider or group say ‘passing’ or ‘riders passing’ to signal you are going to over take. Pass quickly when it is safe to do so. The onus is on the passing rider or passing group to overtake safely, giving room to the slower rider or group. Be courteous – always.

b) In the event you or your group are being passed – hold you line and pace do not slow down or worst still brake. Keep your position if you are riding two abreast.

c) If your group notice a faster group approaching from behind and decide to form a single file, ensure the group has sufficient notice  to form a single file. The process here is for the inside front few riders to pick up their pace while the rear riders are to gently feather back with their pace. This has the effect of creating  gaps for the outer riders in your bunch to safely fill the created gaps forming a single file. Practice required.

In any case, do not be intimidated by passing groups and definitely do not intimidate slower group when you are passing them.

Back to tomorrow’s weather. It will be sunny with light winds becoming southeast to southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h in the early afternoon then becoming light in the evening. Overnight temperatures falling to between 10 and 13 with daytime temperatures reaching 25 to 31.