Ride venues and circuits

Unless otherwise announced our rides are on Saturdays starting at 8am from Darnum (at the Darnum General Store). The only exception is we start from Yarragon (from the car park in Hanns Lane) on the last Saturday of the month.

The Darnum circuit heads north to Shady Creek along Darnum Shady Creek Road, south to Yarragon on Yarragon Shady Creek Road, Yarragon South Road, McIntyres Road, Hazeldean Road to Gainsborough Road, Bona Vista Road, Darnum Allambee Road back to Darnum (~45km).

The Yarragon circuit (commonly referred to a the Westbury circuit) is along Yarragon Shady Creek Road, North Canal Road, Embeltons Road, Heartsridge Road, Millers Road, Old Sale Road, O’Briens Road, Old Sale Road, Willowgrove Road, Old Sale Road, Araluen Road, Yarragon Shady Creek Road back to Yarragon (~70km).